miércoles, 15 de noviembre de 2017

14th and 16th November. 2º Intermedio

  • Homework correction
  • Copies. Question forms (and conversation) and present tense revision
  • Copies. Off the beaten track destinations. Conversation. 
  • Homework!! For next Tuesday the 21st, write a report on the worst/best holiday you have ever had. Model and hints in the last copy of the pack
  • Copy. It's nice in Nice: Nice adjectives....we have written alternatives
  • Homework!! For Thursday substitute the "awful" adjectives
  • Book page 18. Short conversation on shops and services
  • Copies. Shopping habits conversation
  • Homework correction
  • Copies pack. We have talked about online shopping and healthy shopping
  • Book page 19. Listening and Speaking. Tasks 2b) and listening 1.40
  • Video on Black Friday and conversation
  • Homework!! Book page 154. Shops and Services vocabulary

martes, 14 de noviembre de 2017

13th and 15th November. 2ºAvanzado

  • Conversation about language learning (alternatives to language learning, etc)
  • Copies. Tongue Twisters and Rhymes
  • Video. David Crystal
  • Book page 15. Pronunciation
  • Book page 142. Grammar. Pronouns. Task a)
  • Homework!! Book page 142. Tasks b) and c)
  • Copies. Conversation. Common frustrations when learning a language
  • Homework correction
  • Copies. Language learning conversation and prepositions
  • Polyglots conversation (last copy page) Video. Fawlty Towers
  • Copy. Grammar. Pronouns
  • Homework!! Task b from pronouns copy
  • Monologue speech
  • Book page 17. Listenings 1.29; 1.31; 1.32
  • Homework!! Vocabulary on page 16
  • Dialects Video (only group A)

miércoles, 8 de noviembre de 2017

7th and 9th November

  • Homework correction
  • Copies. Holidays and Travelling conversation: Disastrous holidays, complaints
  • Video. A disastrous holiday with Airbnb
  • Book page . Listening 1.31
  • No homework!!
  • We have discussed several holiday types destination and agreed on three. Page 4 in copies
  • We have also commented on several controversial holiday issues on page 4. What is your opinion?
  • Listening to Melissa a travel writer on page 2
  • Book page 15. Cheap holiday ideas
  • book page 134. Grammar. Present Tenses. Exercises a) and b)
  • Copy page 4/5 alternative tourism
  • Homework!! Book page 16. Reading task 6B

martes, 7 de noviembre de 2017

6th and 8th November

  • Homework correction
  • In your copies pack we have talked about office space, stress and being a workaholic (with an audio)
  • Book page 13. In the Street listening and conversation in 4.
  • Homework!! Edmodo. Reading file (Shoppers Beware, multiple choice)
  • Reading homework correction
  • Copy. Oral exam practice for unit 1 (topics compilation)
  • We have started unit 2. Book page 14. Listening 1.25
  • Book page 15. We have read the text
  • Copy. Minimal Pairs.
  • Video. David Crystal on technology and language
  • Running Dictation
  • No homework!! 

miércoles, 1 de noviembre de 2017

31st October/ 2nd November. 2ºIntermedio

  • Reading Homework correction
  • Copies on clothes and fashion. Conversation on pages 3/4 from copies pack
  • Listening exam practice on copies page 3. Loius Vuitton Suitcase. You can find the audio in EDMODO
  • Copies pack page 2. Colour codes vocabulary
  • Halloween Kahoot (Game)
  • Copy. Comparatives and Superlatives conversation
  • No homework!!


  • We have finished the comparatives grammar copy
  • Copy. Film Song. Tangled. We have worked with different adjectives
  • Book page 14. Listening 1.27.
  • Book page 14. /s/ vs. /z/ sounds
  • Copy. Holidays. Holiday types and what are the benefits of travelling (conversation)
  • Homework!! Book page 153. Holidays vocabulary; Copy in clothes and fashion. Vocabulary (sentence completion);  Quiz vocabulary

martes, 31 de octubre de 2017

30th October. 2º Avanzado


  • Book homework correction
  • Conversation and video. Best job in the world. Three candidate analysis
  • Book pages 112 and 113. How to write a formal (covering letter) 
  • Copies. How to write a formal letter; linking words
  • Homework!! Copies. Linking words (complete the two copies) and write a formal covering letter for the position described on page 113 in the book
  • Halloween Kahott/ Video. Zombies in plain English

miércoles, 25 de octubre de 2017

24th and 26th October. 2º Intermedio

  • Copy. Pronouns revision. You will find some expra practice in EDMODO
  • Book page 6. Listening 1.7 and Speaking on page 7
  • We have finished the Ads and Brands copy. With some listening practice and Ads conversation
  • Homework!! Book page 152. Adjective Suffixes and Story composition
  • Homework correction
  • Clothes and Fashion conversation
  • Book page 9. Listening 1.15
  • Copies. Conversation. Ask Anita
  • Book page 133. Task a) Adjectives
  • Copies. Song. New Shoes
  • Homework!! Complete two reading tasks in no more than 60 min. To be found in EDMODO

martes, 24 de octubre de 2017

23rd and 25th October. 2ºAvanzado

  • Homework correction
  • Copies. We have finished the "Speed Flatmating copy" talking about good and bad flatmates. Similes vocabulary (as clear as mud...)
  • Book pages 6. Reading a) and 7. Text vocabulary (you can take the text at home if you wish, since we have not taken it in class)
  • Book page 9. Task f)
  • Homework!! Book page 8, tasks d) and e)
  • Professions copy. Listening exam practice. Multiple choice. Ebay
  • Copies. Page 2. Fact File. Conversation
  • Homework correction
  • We have worked with professions vocabulary (copies)
  • Book page 10 tasks 3a) and 3c) and listening on page 11 1.13
  • Book page 141. Discourse markers. Task a)
  • Homework!! Book page 141 tasks b) and c) and voabulary on page 161. Work
  • Copies conversation on job interviews. Video. Heineken job interview

miércoles, 18 de octubre de 2017

17th and 19th October. 2º Intermedio

  • We have finished your introduction copies (talking about language learning preferences)
  • Listening practice (you can listen to it again in EDMODO)
  • Book page 4. Exercise 3b)
  • Copies. What is in a name? Conversation and the origin of names...
  • Homework!! Book page 5 task e) and the listening exercise in EDMODO (multiple choice- report on parents and children)
  • We have finished "What's in a name copy"
  • Book page 4. Listening 1.2
  • Book page 132. Pronouns grammar
  • Copies Ads and Brands. Conversation. Ads analysis
  • Homework!! Paragraph writing copy

martes, 17 de octubre de 2017

16th and 18th October. 2º Avanzado

  • Homework correction (grammar from book and listening from EDMODO)
  • Book page 5. Conversation 2B
  • Copies Family Life. Conversation and vocabulary. Family types and how to agree and disagree
  • Copies. Listening practice. Speakers' partners
  • Copies. Vocabulary to describe photographs and family relationships (we have not finished the copy yet)
  • Homework!! Book page 160. Personality Vocabulary
  • Homework correction (book vocabulary page 160)
  • Copies. Families relationships vocabulary (envious of...)
  • Copy. Song. Kiss the bride
  • Book page 6. Vocabulary Personality. Task 4
  • Copies. Conversation. The Survivors. Personality adjectives
  • Speed Flatmating. Video and Conversation
  • Homework!! Go to EDMODO and in the Reading Exam practice Folder you will find a reading task. On Monday I will give you the answers

miércoles, 11 de octubre de 2017

10th October 2ºIntermedio

  • Star presentation
  • Vowel sounds. Cards practice
  • Song. Adele. Phonetics. Copies presentation number 4
  • Game. Grammar and Vocabulary revision
  • Copies. Conversation copy 1(question formation revision)
  • Voluntary Homework!! In Edmodo you will find some grammar and vocabulary test with its answers. Take it if you wish

martes, 10 de octubre de 2017

9th and 11th October. 2ºAvanzado

  • Warm-up copies. Conversation. How do you feel about the new course?
  • Phonetics. Vowels revision. Cards exercise
  • Song. Adelle. Fire to the rain. (Phonetics)
  • Conversation. Warm-up copies 2
  • Quirky news. (conversation and short reading)
  • Voluntary Homework!! Video Keep Calm and carry on (task on page 1 and complete video y EDMODO) and grammar and vocabulary revision (answers are attached in EDMODO)
  • We have finished with the warm-up copies. Copy pages 3 and 4, we have read the text and debated on the topic later
  • Listening on page 9 (multiple choice)
  • Homework! Copies pack page 10. Listening Speakers. To be heard in EDMODO (answers will be given on Monday)
  • Game. Vocabulary revision (path choices)
  • Book page 140. Have as an auxiliary and main verb. Task a)
  • Homework!! Task b) page 140
  • Copies Family Life. Video and Conversation The Cason Family

lunes, 9 de octubre de 2017

5th October. 2º Intermedio

  • Presentación del curso
  • Decálogo del buen alumno/profesor
  • Getting to know each other (conversation)

jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

4th October. 2ºAvanzado

  • Presentación del curso
  • Decálogo del buen alumno/profesor
  • Getting to know each other. Conversation copy