miércoles, 13 de diciembre de 2017

12th and 14th December. 2º Intermedio

  • Homework correction
  • Conversation copies. Bullying.
  • Conversation copies. Page 3. Typical age groups behaviour
  • Book page 26. 3a) Vocabulary and listening 2.10 and 2.11
  • Film clip. Past Simple vs. Continuous  
  • Copies page 2. Discussion
  • No homework!!
  • Conversation copies. Punishment and teenage situations
  • Copies. Listening practice. Fill in the gaps
  • Book page 27. Group reading 27. Reading and Speaking. 5a) and b)
  • Song. Young Folks
  • Book page 28. Vocabulary 1b)
  • Photography copy. Conversation on page 1
  • Homework!! Book page 155. Photography Vocabulary

martes, 12 de diciembre de 2017

11th and 13th December. 2ºAvanzado

  • Homework correction 
  • Book page 96. Requirements for becoming a British citizen
  • Copies. Uk Quiz and Cleft Sentences exercises
  • Copies. Manners. Bad Habits. First part of the copy conversation
  • Book page 94. Listening 5.25 and 5.27
  • Homework!! Book page 97 exercise d) and book page 20. Suffixes, a) d) and f)
  • Homework correction
  • We have finished the bad habits manner copy conversation and video on behaviour
  • Vocabulary. False friends
  • Book page 97. Vocabulary 6. Words that are often confused
  • Book page 95. 5.28. Listening and Vocabulary
  • No homework!!

miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2017

5th December. 2º Intermedio


  • Conversation copies. Age/Schooldays
  • What is the best age to...
  • Book page 25. Conversation. When I was young ...used to...
  • Copies. Minions. Used to. Conversation and video
  • Monologue exposition
  • Conversation on page 2. Sentences... more typical for young or old people?
  • Homework!! Grammar copy: Used to, past simple, past continuous... and Reading homework in Edmodo. Carpetas>reading practice. 5th December (two tasks with no dictionary and in 60 minutes)

martes, 5 de diciembre de 2017

4th December. 2ºAvanzado


  • Copy. British Culture conversation and listening to 3 speakers
  • Book page 158. Cleft Sentences
  • Copy. Immigration conversation and video. How has immigration changed Britain?
  • Homework!! Reading Practice to be seen in Edmodo. Carpetas>Reading Practice ("A thousand Splendid Suns and Values for Society) Remember to write the report as well

miércoles, 29 de noviembre de 2017

28th and 30th November

  • Revise and Check homework correction
  • Copies. Adjectives (exorbitant...) and food idioms
  • Book page 23. Listening 1.47
  • Copy. Units 1 and 2 revision and oral exam practice topics
  • Unit 3. Film clip. Conversation. Would you live forever??
  • Homework!! Book page 21. Reading c)
  • Homework correction
  • Copies pack. Generation Gap conversation and sentence discussion
  • Copies. Video. Page 3. Will I lose my memory when I get old?
  • Group B. Film vocabulary (in the blink of an eye...etc)
  • Book page 24. 1a) and d)
  • Book page 136. Past Simple, Continuous or used to...
  • Copies. Used to. Celebrities
  • No homework!!

martes, 28 de noviembre de 2017

27th and 29th November

  • Homework correction
  • We have finished the copy of "Memories/Age". Vocabulary and Childhood questionnaire conversation
  • We have finished the copy of Intelligence and Brain. Conversation and two video watching
  • Book page 23.Video. True or False
  • Song. The Best Day
  • No homework!!
  • How to write and article. Book page 114. Copies model
  • Copies. Listening Practice, The Eastland
  • Copies. Culture Shock. Conversation and listening. What is culture Shock
  • Video. Chinese Culture Shock
  • Domino Sayings. To be uploaded in EDMODO
  • Homework!! 200 word article on the changes over marrige, dating and male and female roles over the past 30 years

miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2017

21st and 23rd November. 2º Intermedio

  • Homework correction
  • Copies pack. Money and Shopping. Conversation on page 6 (3, 4 and 5)
  • Copies pack. Listening. Speakers. Shopping likes and dislikes
  • Book page 135. Possessives. Tasks a) and b)
  • Book page 20. Pronunciation. 4a) and 4b)
  • Book page 20. Coversation e)
  • Copies pack 1 (Money and Shopping). Task 1. Conversation. Do you agree or disagree?
  • No Homework!!

  • Copies pack money problems conversation.
  • Listening practice. Plastic Money (true or false) 
  • Dicussion. Copies page 3. 
  • Debate. Sentences on page 4
  • Copy. Possessives practice
  • Video. Mr. Bean Shopping
  • Video. Story of Thanksgiving
  • Homework!! Book. Revise and check. Pages 22 and 23. Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading

martes, 21 de noviembre de 2017

20th and 22nd November 2ºAvanzado

  • Homework correction
  • Copy. Communicative. All about English
  • Copy. English accents (in group B, video and place pronunciation)
  • Copy. Memories. Conversation on ageing and age differences (attitudes...) What is the best age to...?
  • In group A monologue example
  • Book page 143. The past. Habitual Events and specific incidents
  • Book page 21. Listening. 1.39
  • Homework!! Book page 143 task b)
  • Homework correction
  • Copies on memory and age. Page 2. Conversation and discussion; Page 3. Video. Okinawa (True and False sentences)
  • Copy. Used to and would Practice
  • Video. Thanksgiving
  • Group B. Conversation on page 3. Sentence discussion
  • Homework!! Copies. Narrative Tenses and Revise and Check from book pages 22 and 23 (grammar, vocabulary and reading)

miércoles, 15 de noviembre de 2017

14th and 16th November. 2º Intermedio

  • Homework correction
  • Copies. Question forms (and conversation) and present tense revision
  • Copies. Off the beaten track destinations. Conversation. 
  • Homework!! For next Tuesday the 21st, write a report on the worst/best holiday you have ever had. Model and hints in the last copy of the pack
  • Copy. It's nice in Nice: Nice adjectives....we have written alternatives
  • Homework!! For Thursday substitute the "awful" adjectives
  • Book page 18. Short conversation on shops and services
  • Copies. Shopping habits conversation
  • Homework correction
  • Copies pack. We have talked about online shopping and healthy shopping
  • Book page 19. Listening and Speaking. Tasks 2b) and listening 1.40
  • Video on Black Friday and conversation
  • Homework!! Book page 154. Shops and Services vocabulary

martes, 14 de noviembre de 2017

13th and 15th November. 2ºAvanzado

  • Conversation about language learning (alternatives to language learning, etc)
  • Copies. Tongue Twisters and Rhymes
  • Video. David Crystal
  • Book page 15. Pronunciation
  • Book page 142. Grammar. Pronouns. Task a)
  • Homework!! Book page 142. Tasks b) and c)
  • Copies. Conversation. Common frustrations when learning a language
  • Homework correction
  • Copies. Language learning conversation and prepositions
  • Polyglots conversation (last copy page) Video. Fawlty Towers
  • Copy. Grammar. Pronouns
  • Homework!! Task b from pronouns copy
  • Monologue speech
  • Book page 17. Listenings 1.29; 1.31; 1.32
  • Homework!! Vocabulary on page 16
  • Dialects Video (only group A)