martes, 20 de diciembre de 2016

19th and 21st December. C1

  • Homework correction (grammar from book: noun-phrases)
  • Copies pack page 85. Comparing places expressions and listening: Two different cities
  • Book page 34. Description of a place. Model. Check 8B to see how they make use of the senses to describe locations. Another model on copies pack page 90. Voluntary task! Place description
  • Copies pack pages 92/93. Song. New York Alicia Keys
  • Game. Kahoot (collocations, phrasal verbs and idioms)
  • Copies pack page 98. House Architecture conversation (first four points)


  • Copies pack page 91. Noun-Phrases exercises
  • Book pages 132/133. Relative clauses 3.2.A and 3.2.B
  • Copies pack page 86. City life vocabulary
  • Reading copies pack (3 tasks)

jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2016

14th and 15th December. C1

  • Homework correction (reading)
  • Copies pack page 81. Unit 2. Oral exam practice (monologue and interaction)
  • New copies pack on unit 2. What kind of traveller are you? Questionnaire and conversation on tranquil, off the beaten track, run-down places
  • Book Vocabulary tasks 1A, C in unit 3 in book. Page 32
  • Copies pack page 88. A trip to the Himalayas. Listening
  • Copies pack page 84. Urbanism conversation (we'll finish it in the next lesson)
  • We have finished the conversation on urbanism on copies pack page 84. More adjectives to describe a place  and prespositional phrases.
  • Book page 33. Noun-Phrases 4A. Grammar
  • Homework!! Book page 132: read the theory and do tasks on page 133 3.1.A; 3.1.2
  • Copies pack page 85. Discussion
  • Copies pack page 87. Australia Top 10 Tourist Destinations. Video and discussion

martes, 6 de diciembre de 2016

5th and 7th December. C1

  • Homework correction (from book) copies pack answers on infinitives and gerunds are uploaded in EDMODO (key file section)
  • Book page 24 task 5A 
  • Infinitives and Gerunds game (follow the story) answers in EDMODO (key section)
  • Book page 25 we have read the text and completed task 9A on linking devices
  • Homework!! Copies pack pages 71 and 72 on discourse markers (answers will be uploaded in EDMODO) and in the copies pack (63-64) you have a model and some tips on how to write a discursive essay. Have a look at them and for Wednesday the 14th or Monday the 19th write the discursive essay that appears at the bottom of page 64. You have a magnificent summary on linking words and phrases in copies pack 65-67.
  • Copies pack page 61. Job perks discussion
  • Copies pack pages 68-69. Giving to charity (to be finished on Wednesday)
  • Copies pack page 70. Listening exam practice
  • We have finished copies pack pages 68 and 69
  • Listening exam practice (Royal News)
  • Book page 28. Conversation 1A. We have watched the video and completed task 4
  • Some exam tips
  • Copies pack page 75. Successful people conversation
  • Copies pack page 76. Song. The Story of your life
  • Homework!! Reading copies pack pages 79/80 and discurssive essay composition for Monday the 19th
  • Crossword solutions in EDMODO

miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2016

29th, 30th November and 1st December

  • Homework correction (phrasal verbs, mixed conditionals and metaphors)
  • Copies pack page 54. Advice Giving time and why men shouldn't write advice columns
  • Copies pack page 56. Mixed Conditionals
  • Copies pack page 52. Present Perfect video and conversation
  • Conversation on some visual poetry cards (violence against women)
  • Book page 23. Living Libraries 2A listening and vocabulary 3A
  • Book page 26. Speaking 1A.1 and 1A.2
  • Copies pack page 59. Professions. Vocabulary and conversation. Opinion Vocabulary and Doubt expressions. We have started to discuss statements on page 60
  • Copies pack page 51. Listening exam practice. "Radio Extracts"
  • Book page 149. Opinions vocabulary
  • Homework!! Book page 130. Language Bank 2.3. Opinion expressions
  • Copies pack. We have finished the debate on page 60
  • Book page 26. Idioms of opinion
  • Copies pack page 62. Skyscanner listening
  • Book page 24. Grammar Verb patterns 4A; 4B
  • Homework!! Book page 130 and 131. Verb patterns 2.2 and copies pack pages 73 and 74. Gerunds and Infinitives

martes, 22 de noviembre de 2016

21st November. C1


  • Homework correction (copies 24, 40 and 57)
  • Copies pack page 48. We have gone through the third problem and explained the voluntary writing task on page 49.
  • Copies pack page 47. Happy habits conversation and listening
  • Book page 131. 2.1.B
  • Copies pack page 58. Mixed conditionals task 1. 
  • Homework!! Copies pack page 58. Finish the mixed conditional tasks
  • Copies pack page 55. Willpower and the Marshmallow test (conversation and listening)
  • Homework!! Copies pack page 53/54. Top Tips phrasal verbs (complete the tips with the appropriate phrasal verbs)
  • Book page 22. Metaphors. Task 8. Homework!! Tasks 9A; page 159 (top part, student B, metaphors), task 10 and vocabulary bank page 149
  • Copies pack page 55. Giving advice expressions

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2016

14th and 16th November. C1

  • Homework correction
  • Book page 14. Exercise 4
  • Book page 129. Speculating. Language Bank 1.3
  • Copies pack page 23. Conversation. Speculating/Being Vague
  • Song. Copies pack pages 42, 43
  • Homework!! Participles Clauses in book pages 140 and 141; copies pack page 41 (you'll find the answers in EDMODO) and book page 20: 2A; 3A and for Monday the 21st. Reading in copies pack 40. 
  • Copies pack 45. Oral exam practice. Unit 1
  • Book page 20. 1B. Conversation
  • Homework correction
  • Copies pack page 46. Life Lessons
  • Copies pack page 50. Listening exam practice
  • Book page 130. 131. Conditional Clauses. Task 2.1.A
  • Homework!! Copies pack page 40 (reading) and copies pack page 57. I wish and If Only
  • Copies pack page 48. A. Discussion. Advice giving B1 and B2. Task C

martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016

7th, 9th and 10th November. C1

  • Homework correction (reading and book)
  • Copies pack pages 19 and 20
  • We have finished the conversation in copies pack page 21
  • Personality test and copies pack page 30
  • Copies pack pages 32 and 33. Guy Fawkes
  • Listening exam practice. Task 1 SEPT 2016 (you'll find it in EDMODO; in the listening practice file)
  • Homework!! Book page 13 tasks 8A and 8B (idioms for people)
  • Homework correction
  • Copies pack page 21. Prepositional Phrases
  • Copies pack page 22. Conversation
  • Copies pack page 27. Listening and conversation on identities
  • Copies pack page 28 and 29. Present and Perfect Pples. Theory and Practice
  • Book page 10. A Personal Profile 
  • Homework!! Write a personal statement (the task is explained in copies pack 26) following the models in the book and in copies page 25 and complete the task on page 24 from copies pack 
  • Copies pack page 31 emotions vocabulary
  • Copies pack page 31. We have finished talking about emotions
  • Copies pack pages 38 and 39. Participle Clauses
  • Homework!! Grammar on page 39. Task D. From 6 to 10
  • Copies pack page 35. Conversation. The Why Factor
  • Homework!! Listening from pack page 36. In EDMODO (Listening Exam practice folder) you'll find the audio. Remember the answers are included in the recording (4',20" and 11'30")
  • Book page 13. Speculating listening

martes, 1 de noviembre de 2016

31st October and 2nd and 3rd November

  • Homework correction (copies pack 8 and readings from pages 14-18)
  • Copies pack page 5. We have finished the "Language Learning" conversation and watched the video and answered the comprehension questions on copies pack page 6
  • Book page 9 task 6A
  • Book page 11 Conversation. Are you a good language learner?
  • Copies pack page 10. Language Learning 2. Prepositions and conversation
  • Copies pack page. 9 We have studied the  "study" vocabulary
  • Homework!! Copies pack page 9. Tasks 2 and 3
  • Copies pack page 9. Homework correction and we have finished tasks 1 and 4 from copy
  • Book page 11 task 2A. Describing habits
  • Book page 128. 2.1.1 and 2.1.2
  • Copies pack pages 10 and 11 language learning debate
  • Copies pack pages 12 and 13. British Accents. Listening and reading
  • Book page 71. Vocabulary and conversation task 1A
  • Copies pack page 13. American vs. British conversation
  • Formers selves (personality and habits revision)
  • Copies pack page 37 listening exam practice task 2- (September 2016 -B2)
  • Book page 153. 6.2. Language idioms
  • Copies pack page 21. Personality reflections conversation
  • Homework!! Copies pack page 34. Reading practice and book page 148. Personality adjectives and idioms (all the page)

jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016

26th October. C1

  • Homework correction in book page 8
  • Copies pack: pages 2 and 3. What people with strange names have to face. Is it an asset? Conversation and video. How to be successful in life
  • Copies pack 4. Irreversible word pairs vocabulary and listening
  • Book page 9. Task. Grammar continuous forms and page 129. Tasks 1.1 and 1.2
  • Homework!! Copies pack pages 7 and 8
  • Copies pack language learning conversation. First point

martes, 27 de septiembre de 2016

26th and 28th September. C1

  • Introductory copies pack page 1. Getting to know each other conversation
  • Listening practice from last year's June exam (5th year). Copies pack page 5
  • Game: Don't get me wrong (idioms revision) Copies pack 11
  • Copies pack pages 6 and 7. Daily Telegraph article. Debate
  • Homework!! Copies pack pages 8 and 9
  • Homework answers uploaded in EDMODO
  • Copies pack pages 2 and 3. Brexit conversation and reading
  • Copies pack 4. Young and Jobless. Video watching and conversation
  • Homework!! For Wednesday the 5th, complete the composition task on page 10
  • Unit 1. Book page 8. Vocabulary: Phrases with name 2A and speaking 4A.
  • Copies pack page 1. What's in a Name

martes, 20 de septiembre de 2016

19th. September. C1


  • C1 Presentation
  • Ten tips to become the perfect student/language teacher
  • Edmodo, Blog...
  • C1 tips