martes, 31 de enero de 2017

30th January and 1st February. C1

  • Homework correction (book and copies)
  • Copies pack page 121. Absurd laws conversation
  • Listening exam practice pack page 125 (multiple choice)
  • Book pages 134/135. Introductory IT
  • Copies pack page 122. Crimes and Anti-social behaviour conversation
  • Homework!! Copies pack page 128. Introductory "IT" exercises (read the theory first)
  • Homework correction
  • Copies pack pages 122-124: an unconventional judge, punishments that fit crimes, moral dilemmas
  • Listening exam practice copies pack 126
  • Homework!! Vocabulary criminal quiz on page 127, copies pack page 129. Introductory "IT" (2)

martes, 24 de enero de 2017

23rd and 25th January. C1

  • Homework correction (prefixes from book)
  • Copies pack pages 111 and 112. Proposals conversation and vocabulary
  • Copies pack conversation 108, 109 and 110. Smart cities and Apps to make a place more liveable
  • Copies pack page 110. City nuisances and strains
  • Copies pack page 116. Scientific Findings. Listening exam practice
  • Homework!! Copies pack 117 and 118. Reading practice task
  • Vocabulary revision game: Donkey
In the pack you'll also find "wordsearch" and "lookback" answers. The "wordsearch" key is already uploaded in EDMODO and so is the listening exam practice task


  • Reading homework correction
  • Copies pack page 115. Oral exam practice Unit 3
  • Book page 44. Crime Collocations 4A and 4B
  • Homework!! Book page 151. Crime collocations A and B and copies pack page 120. Task 2 (Justice and Crime)
  • Copies pack page 119 Ann MaGuire video and conversation on justice
  • Copies pack 120. Justice Vocabulary

martes, 17 de enero de 2017

16th and 18th January. C1

  • Relative homework correction (copies and book)
  • Copies pack pages 95 and 96. Feng Shui (listening and speaking) Wall expressions
  • Homework!! Copies pack 100. Intensifying Adjectives
  • Copies pack page 94. Listening exam practice. Cycling in London
  • Copies pack page 105. Reduced Relative clauses activities
  • We have started to talk about ugly constructions. Copies pack page 106
  • Homework correction. Copies pack page 100
  • Book page 37. Hotel Chelsea. Vocabulary Plus 11A
  • Homework!! Book page 150. 3.2. Prefixes
  • Copies pack pages 106,107. Ugly Constructions conversation 
  • Book page 38. Perfect City. 2A. Vocabulary
  • Copies pack page 110. Video Brooklyn Grange. Copies pack 108. Big Cities Conversation

martes, 10 de enero de 2017

9th and 11th January. C1

  • Christmas homework correction (noun-phrases, city life vocabulary, relative clauses and reading tasks)
  • Conversation: Providing arguments for silly assertions
  • Copies pack page 101. Consumerism and Anti-Consumerism conversation. Video, Buy nothing day
  • Book page 35. Adjectives Vocabulary. Task 4a)
  • Copies pack page 98. House Architecture conversation



  • Copies pack pages 98 and 99. We have seen some unusual homes and listened to an interview with an architect
  • Book page 36. Relative clauses tasks 6 and 8
  • Homework!! Book page 36 tasks 7C and 7D
  • Copies pack pages 102/3 relative clauses theory and task A from page 104 and task B (1-4)
  • Homework!! Copies pack page 104 tasks C and D
  • Copies pack page 97. Spaces conversation and colour idioms
  • Copies pack page 95. Feng Shui conversation